To respect the ecosystem in order to obtain the best possible quality of grapes that will allow us to produce elegant wines that express the terroir of the Priorat.
To do this we cultivate our 22 hectares of vineyards organically and are certified by the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production.



Our father started Trossos del Priorat chasing a dream and we made it our own, we took the baton and with the help of an exceptional team of people we continued working to make the world aware of a place as exceptional as the Priorat, either through the wines we produce, by offering guided tours of our winery or by allowing to explore the area by staying in one of our seven rooms.


Eva Escudé is the oenologist and soul of Trossos del Priorat. Her energy and drive have been indispensable to make the project grow. Her sensitivity is transferred to the wines she produces, elegant and with character.


The renowned oenologist Toni Coca is also part of the project as an external advisor.


Rafel Gauchola is the other indispensable leg on which the project is based. He is in charge of taking care of our vineyards. A connoisseur of the Priorat terroir like few others, he is the calm soul who brings wisdom to the hard work in the fields.


The strength of Trossos del Priorat lies in the group of people who work together to make the Priorat known to all those people who are moved by wines and a landscape unique in the world.