Gift vouchers can't be used on Saturday night.


If you wish to offer more than one night, change the quantity at the end of the form.


IMPORTANT: The gift voucher, in any format, is sent to the buyer so that he/she can deliver it.


All stays include breakfast and a visit to the winery with wine tasting.

Gift voucher for a stay at Trossos del Priorat

  • For how many people is it?  For two people.


    What does it include?  Includes  breakfast, visit to the winery and wine tasting.


    What is their validity?  Once purchased, it is valid for 12 months.


    Important:  Gift vouchers cannot be used on Saturday nights.


    What if the beneficiary prefers to stay out of the chosen dates?  It may be the case that the dates chosen for the stay are different from those foreseen at the time of purchasing the voucher, so that the price of the stay is higher or lower than the one paid.


    • In the event that the price of the stay is higher, the recipient of the gift will be asked to pay the supplement to cover the price difference.


    • In the event that the price of the stay is lower, Trossos will pay the recipient of the gift  the difference in waltzes  for use in  picnic baskets,  wine tourism activities, etc.


    How will I receive it?  They will be delivered  with a personalized voucher in PDF format by email.

    A special format.  Before payment, there is the option to deliver the printed gift voucher in a bottle of wine. The bottle is delivered closed with the cork  (without liquid) and inside a box. The recipient of the gift must open the bottle to remove it from the inside. This option has an extra cost of € 25 and includes delivery of the bottle to the buyer's home.


    How to redeem the voucher? The recipient must call the hotel or write an email to  to make the reservation on the date you have decided.