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-Handcrafted in Gratallops -

Gratallops is the heart of Priorat.

That is where we have our winery and make our wines 'by hand', unhurriedly and with great attention to detail.

There is no wine without culture and no culture without territory.

- In Nature we Trust -

Our main mission is to give shape to what nature gives us and with the minimum intervention to achieve elegant wines that express the terroir from which they come.

We cultivate our vineyards organically. Respect for nature is the first step to obtain the exceptional fruits with which we elaborate our wines.

- Family Business -

The history of Trossos del Priorat began in 2003, when Enrique Vives and Juli Mestre shook hands and agreed to buy the first vineyards in Gratallops. We have proudly taken up their baton and we have put our efforts into making our wines internationally recognized as honest wines, respectful of our environment and of high quality.